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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NEW TANGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry i hyave been offsite for a while! Here's all the ones that are new!!

Oldest to Newsest

Chard by Linda Farmer
Beanstalk by Molossus
13 Links for tangles by Molossus (There really cool!!)
Tink by Rick and Maria Thomas
Galanty by Molossus
Hopscotch by suzanne mcneill
Qadroon by Molossus
Jargoon by Molossus
Nappy by Cookie
Wacho by skinnystraycat
Bronx Cheer by Rick and Maria Thomas

Check them all out, there all awesome!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Zentangle said...

"Tink" is by CZT Carole Ohl. Thanks. I wouldn't want folks not to know of her genius. Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts