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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NEW TANGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry i hyave been offsite for a while! Here's all the ones that are new!!

Oldest to Newsest

Chard by Linda Farmer
Beanstalk by Molossus
13 Links for tangles by Molossus (There really cool!!)
Tink by Rick and Maria Thomas
Galanty by Molossus
Hopscotch by suzanne mcneill
Qadroon by Molossus
Jargoon by Molossus
Nappy by Cookie
Wacho by skinnystraycat
Bronx Cheer by Rick and Maria Thomas

Check them all out, there all awesome!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Pattern by Suzanne Mcneill!

Yes, a New Pattern by Suzanne Mcneill!

Called Netting!

Remember all patterns I post can be found by the zentangle tag!

Visit her site:


Very Nice Artist!

I made some new tangles this week!!!

I made some new tangles this week!!!

Feel Free to comment on them!

Created for my new scrapbook!!

Made with some color!

All Purple!!

I colored this at bob evans, pretty cool though

Just completed!

New Patterns!!!

Linda Farmer has her new pattern called chard. I think its really cool!

Visit her site at tanglepatterns.com

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Zentangle Designs

Here's some of my own creations!

Also, Anyone would you like me to make you a design?
Here's more designs by Sandra, Zakuska, and K-Ning.


Sandra Kay Strait

Check out her site many more designs:


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Found Another Designs!

Worms (name) the link!

Really Cool. The directions are in the caption.


Lacy !!

Sandra Kay Strait
Check out her site many more designs:

New Zentangle Pattern by Suzanne McNeill!! Called Intersection!

There is a new design by Suzanne McNeill! The name is Intersection,
sounds cool I know! The Link is posted here.

I won't be here Saturday, so I will be here sunday will miss you!


Intersection, also avaiable at http://blog.suzannemcneill.com/ .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SkinnyStrayCat MORE DESIGNS!!!

Yes here's a link to her new design, Sooflowers.
Her other design, Flish.
Some other ones a little older:
Bulb Lantern
Warped Eggs :
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4

Squidee, Reticulated, and X-Spots.
Lizzier, Sammy, and Buggies.
Pea-Pops, and Su-Sy.

Toni's Tangles!!

Here they are!!! by Toni heeneman. http://www.tonihenneman.blogspot.com/

Zentangle Artist, gives me ispiration!!!

   Zentangle Certified Teacher(Z.C.T.) , Toni Hennemean is very inspiring, her designs are beautiful! She's apart of Artist in Wonderland! So, the day I saw that I was so inspired to do more zentangles! I recommend her blog and give it 5 stars!! I have posted her designs I found on Facebook, I say amazing!! This talent again is AMAZING!!! Here's a Link to her Page:
Toni Heeneman: Artist in Wonderland

A NEW TANGLE by SkinnyStrayCat

I have heard this design is very simple, can't wait to try it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Designs, Where??

Well, I have uploaded some new designs just on another page on my blod called zentangle designs!!
I will always add some there ( ALL THE ONES I FIND WILL BE THERE). The ones for basic ideas usaly will be in a new post. Please tell your friends, and share this blog!

Tangles For People Who Doodle ♥: Corner Box

Tangles For People Who Doodle ♥: Corner Box: "Another Design. Very Popular!"

Corner Box

Another Design. Very Popular!

By Suzanne Mcneill at http://blog.suzannemcneill.com/


Cross Stitch

Here's another design!

Pretty Simple? By Suzanne Mcneill at http://blog.suzannemcneill.com/

Some Basic Designs!!!

Welcome to my new blog!! Zentangles are relaxing as I know, so I am sharing it with you!!!

Our First Design:
By Suzanne Mcneill at http://blog.suzannemcneill.com/

Just Follow these steps above! Easy as that!
I recommend doing them in a graphed composition book or on graph paper. But if you have neither, a index card would help to!